26/03 2014

Capitalism, Terrorism and frozen pizzas

Violence of capitalism, political corruption, radical ecology and advertising nonsense: Johan Grimonprez’s explosive cocktail

right to the point #2: Meeting with Johan Grimonprez

You possibly recall his film DIAL H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, which was screened at Documenta X, curated by Catherine David, in 1997.

A deafening montage of cut-off archival images, where bloody airplane hijackings, publicity spots, political assassination attempts and Clinton and Yeltsin’s famous giggles offered a critical vision of our day and age, somewhere between exaggeration of the rawest reality, absurdity and irony.

Blood and thunder 

While his next film, The Shadow World, is in production, its author, the Belgian film-maker and artist Johan Grimonprez has made the most of this situation to reveal one or two extracts from it, in which corruption, massacres, ruling pop culture, greed for power and the semantics of political communication vie with each other in a welter of blood and thunder. Because with Grimonprez you can equally come upon a wild chimpanzee brandishing a machine gun, Pacman and Obama talking about war, and Kubrick’s 2001 and TV commercials presenting a not always very natural emancipation, since the 1960s.

Farms in the city

This was also an opportunity for Johan Grimonprez to introduce one of his recent projects, Radical Ecology and Tender Gerdening, where the concept of the vertical farm, illustrated in particular by window farmers, is presented as one of the alternatives to a biotope which over-consumption has placed in an extreme situation.

Copyright (portrait of Johan Grimonprez) :Niels Benoist