27/03 2014

Danton Eeprom, artist from the label InFiné at Boiler Room - le Point Perché

Interview after live sound in Boiler Room x InFiné at le Point Perché

Danton Eeprom”: what does this odd alias hide?

My name is Julien. Julien is quite shy. When I decided to get involved in music, I needed an alter ego who could do things that Julien wouldn’t dare do. 

Taking on the name Danton is being someone else, and surprising others. I chose Danton, because it’s a name rooted in French history, something ‘made in France’, almost couture. And then Danton is a slightly controversial figure of the French Revolution, an orator much loved by the people, but not necessarily straightforward, like Bernard Tapie. On the other hand, “Eeprom” means “Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory”; it’s the name of a memory that’s in synthesizers and computers. Choosing this name was paying tribute to these machines.

What is your relation to memory?

I glorify good times. It’s my way of going on living. When I leave the studio, when I make something with my hands—I’m a craftsman—I like to remember it for a long time! Filling my memory with rushes like that is the goal of my life.

What’s good and bad in your music?

I’m there for people who’ve had a hard day. I help them disconnect from real life. With me they can rejoice without worrying about anything, and do nice things. The bad side: it’s rather dark, deviant music. I don’t make productions for boy scouts. Behind my records I trigger borderline instincts and drives.

What images come to mind in the studio?

When I did the title “Femdom”, which talks about female domination, I had images of bondage, latex and leather in mind. But in that particular case I play a part. For as long as a piece lasts, you become another person. You have to be able to project yourself. Music is crazy, it’s something you can’t see, it’s air and, because of it, you’re propelled somewhere else. You’re on the edge of dreams.

Talking of dreams, what was your last one?

I’m going down an extremely steep slope. I’m on a bike, there aren’t any brakes… And all of a sudden. I fall into the void! I’ve had this dream several times. And every time I’m glad when I wake up.

Copyright :Fabien Breuil