31/10 2014

Infinite Mix, sound and offbeat experience

A musical phrase of barely a few seconds can be repeated infinitely. Following a suggestion by Christophe Arcos, Mix “Locked Groove only” is an installation that features eight turntables and eight records by RONDE, a Parisian vinyl record company that gathers various electronic music composers around the concept of loop. Ronde is also a member of the Supernova collective.


RONDE 1 includes Edith Progue, Cédric Pigot, Vadim Svoboda, dscrd, Jow, Sharp et Antigone. There are 34 loops in all (these are closed grooves of 1.8 secondes in 133.33 BPM).

On 31 October, at le Point Perché, on eight decks with eight Ronde disks and millions of possibilities, Jow (Supernova, Ronde) and Vadim Svoboda (MakeSense Rec, Ronde) will between them mix all the Ronde 1 loops.

Copyright :Yvannoé Kruger