28/11 2014

Kaleta/Kaleta, a multi-coloured masquerade with a thousand and one faces

The intensity of the split second… Over his own musical composition, Emo de Medeiros proposes re-enacting the Kaleta, a tradition invented in Benin by Afro-Brazilians. The result is a unique mix of Carnival and Halloween, performed exclusively by troupes of young boys forming temporary and spontaneous groups during the Christmas period; wearing masks, they go from house to house, dancing and playing improvised percussion instruments.

This sonic and visual performance, which is at once invigorating and energetic, called for audience active participation. The venue at le Point Perché was divided in two symbolic spaces called Persona/Kaleta, with each guest asked to wear a coloured mask, and, in front of the maskless spectators, perform a  dance, to sounds mixed by the artist. A video and projection system was also set up, working like an electronic brain permanently creating new audio and video performances, using the principle of random image and music combinations.

Hypnotic, comtemplative and reflexive, this performative installation asked each to make a choice and to enter into the other space " Kaleta " by arming itself with a mask. Being a member fascinating of this collective experience, the effects of training, relaxation of bodies and the spirits were worn in their paroxysm. Passages from a space to an other one, from a state to an other one, every person tended to dread in a new way the space of le Point Perché.

The uninhibitedness created by the mask, creativity, playfulness and happiness are all displayed in this massive installation devised by Emo de Medeiros, so as to reveal the challenges of the masquerade as an area of social freedom. “Seeing without being seen” becomes the strong point of this original arrangement.

For this occasion, out of this warm freedom kindled throughout the evening, le Point Perché became a multi-sensory space filled with images, projections, dances and encounters. Our scopiques drives were summoned at the same time and renewed by the creation of these two symbolic spaces Persona / Kaleta conceived by Emo de Medeiros. Le Point perché offered to each a high performative experience in color and in energy revealing paradoxically our most hidden face.

Copyright :Gabriel Bouyé & le Point Perché