02/02 2015

Nova[Mix] Club #4 - NSDOS/Dj Orgasmic/A Guy Called Gerald/Teki Latex

Digital salsify fritters”, is how Kirikoo Des, the artist behind the hotchpotch of NSDOS machines describes his thing. This one-man group’s music makes use of a strange mix of keyboards, buttons, keys and screens. There is, for example, a sort of tiny calculator colonized by different coloured buttons; there is also this tablet on which fluorescent dots appear and disappear, like a kind of electronic naval battle game. To introduce this new Nova [Mix] Club at Le Point Perché, the first in 2015, NSDOS has brilliantly handled its machines to tinker with a plate techno that has come from another dimension, speeding up before pretending to die, the better to explode behind. It was an electronic mishmash. An 8-bit cuisine that projected us at the same time into the kitsch past of retro machines and into a future where everything is digitized. A sort of previous future or futurist past, weirdly seductive. And there is the person who has set this odd journey in motion: with his woven bun perched on top of his skull, his ‘bomber’ jacket, his baggy trousers tucked into socks which went half way up his calves, and his way of hopping about behind the booth, Kirikoo Des was a terribly swinging pilot.

In the wake of this lunar take-off, it was DJ Orgasmic who we found behind the turntables of Le Point Perché, relieved of the NSDOS-version gear. The old éminence grise of the TTC group and joint founder of the Paris label Sound Pellegrino did his utmost to deliver a heavy techno which almost had the zinc of the spiral stairs leading to Le Point Perché trembling. Come to celebrate the release of the fourth volume of compilations from his stable, DJ Orgasmic turned the room into a super tanker filled with bass boxes. A cold, sardonic set, a bit haunted too, which the artist ended up softening by letting the speakers murmur the tunes of Rae Sremmurd, the new club sensation of American rap.

Back from a trip to Japan, where he confessed to us that he’d stuffed himself with every conceivable kind of sushi, the Mancunian DJ A Guy Called Gerald then installed himself at the booth’s controls. For this pioneer of acid house, comfortably installed in his vintage boots, it was no longer time to spin the disks, but rather to tap on a tablet. A minimalist installation which didn’t stop good old Gerald from shaking up the growing crowd just like in the heyday of the Hacienda.  That was enough...

The task of winding up this first 2015 night of the Nova [Mix] Club at Le point Perché fell to the truculent Teki Latex, the second half of the famous Sound Pellegrino label. Sporting a bulky jacket with “bboyesque” outlines, the DJ and producer merged his predecessor’s house with a more leaping-about techno, divinely topical. A music filled with everything, fusing beyond the 100 bpm, but flirting with the other genres at the whim of his grooves and his slow sequences, somewhere between hip-hop and Brazilian batacuda. People were so into it, thrilled to be straddling the great gap between the Bronx and Rio, while at the same time being warmed by the Eiffel Tower’s light, that nobody noticed the time pass. The Nova gig was over and people asked for more. Sometimes it’s good to play prolongations.