Trésors is a duet composed by Adrien Kanter (b. 1978) and Adrien Durand (b.1982).

One of their first compositions, “Visionnaires,” is a synthetic, melancholic and fragile music, on the edge of a dance feeding on dark, retro images (Michael Mann, Blade Runner and Terrence Malick first come to mind). Trésors first attracted attention with their remixes for Arnaud Rebotini, of Montreal or Thieves Like Us. Brought closer together by a formative journey to Israel and a tour that took them throughout Europe and the U.S., Trésors became more self-assured, their new experiences providing the material to build on their first attempts. Marked by a heavy, omnipresent past, but also by experiences of sleepwalking and the recurrence of haunting dreams, Missionnaires signaled the advent of a new language for the band. 

Designed as an album of sonic images documenting an inner world of fantasy, the mini LP (6 tracks) evokes cursed figures of pop culture (Roman Polanski), mystical and prophetic fantasies, impossible love stories (Hiroshima mon amour), often peppered with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that carries the day. Trésors composed the tracks for Missionnaires in Paris over the first half of 2012 and decided to mix the album in a Baltimore warehouse with the assistance of Chester Gwazda, a producer for Future Islands and Dan Deacon. The American and the two Frenchmen found a common language: trippy experiences, pop approach, the power of analogy. Haunted by the images of their 1970s idols (Neil Young, Dennis Hopper, Robert Wyatt), Trésors sometimes bring a few contemporaries to mind (Hot Chip, the electronic side of Liars, Caribou). Still, the strongest marks have been left by their elders (Joy Division, The Sound, Brian Eno).


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