Joachim Montessuis

Born in 1972, Joachim Montessuis has been developing for over 20 years, an open, contextual practice around the voice, continuous sound, noise and resonance. His work also focuses on experimental conceptual processes that weave together observation and perception of reality in an approach that avoids simplistic oppositions.

Montessuis approaches his actions as code-poems, fertile dialogical processes. He has presented his work in many contexts and festivals around the globe (more than 200 performances) and collaborated with more than 100 artists, including Charlemagne Palestine, Henri Chopin, Maja Ratkje,Master musicians of Joujouka, Phill Niblock…). Montessuis has also been running the experimental label erratum.org since 1997. He has been teaching sound and intermedia art at the HEAR in Strasbourg for ten years.  




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