At le Point Perché, The Absolut Company makes it a point of honour to stimulate exchanges between artists and researchers from all over the world in residency in Paris, by way of lectures and debates. The first part of this series, programmed by Nicola Setari and titled Artists' Soapbox Series, in reference to those speakers who, since the 19th century, have been standing on makeshift boxes to improvise their rostrums, has been a great success. 

Robin McGinley has come up with a new interpretation of The John Cage 33 1/3 Project , inviting the audience to re-tune and test the twelve turntables installed in le Point Perché. An unique and interactive acoustic experience !

15/02 2014

You were dreaming of a new kind of cultural guide? Malena Beer has made one for you. For her performance Un-visible, the Argentinian artist, who is also a yoga teacher and choreographer, invites every spectator to let themselves be swept up, eyes shut, by a kindly performer, for an improvised stroll in several parts of the Palais de Tokyo and at le Point Perché, during which their sensory perception, relieved of sight, will increase tenfold.

14/02 2014

Some “electrifying” pictures of the Poetry concert. A very beautiful stage presence by Christophe Fiat and Nicolas Fenouillat, who gave an original and generous performative concert at le Point Perché.

13/02 2014

A Davide Balula work invariably holds out the promise of an elegant alliance between several domains of art. The French artist, now living in New York, studied not only fine arts but also music, dance and the decorative arts. Which is tantamount to saying that he has several strings to his bow.