with Francesco Tristano, Dowliners Sekt, Clara Moto, Danton Eeprom

Interview after live sound in Boiler Room x InFiné at le Point Perché

Danton Eeprom”: what does this odd alias hide?

My name is Julien. Julien is quite shy. When I decided to get involved in music, I needed an alter ego who could do things that Julien wouldn’t dare do. 

Violence of capitalism, political corruption, radical ecology and advertising nonsense: Johan Grimonprez’s explosive cocktail

right to the point #2: Meeting with Johan Grimonprez

You possibly recall his film DIAL H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, which was screened at Documenta X, curated by Catherine David, in 1997.

01/03 2014

As part of the performance by Davide Balula in collaboration with Carlos Soto, the performer becomes a body-sculpture, with the same colours as Le Point Perché. This performance has been programmed within the new exhibition Des choses en moins, des choses en plus around the immaterial collections of the Centre national des arts plastiques.