A musical phrase of barely a few seconds can be repeated infinitely. Following a suggestion by Christophe Arcos, Mix “Locked Groove only” is an installation that features eight turntables and eight records by RONDE, a Parisian vinyl record company that gathers various electronic music composers around the concept of loop. Ronde is also a member of the Supernova collective.


30/10 2014

Installation and performance by Kerwin Rolland in collaboration with Dominique Blais

Once a month, le Point Perché hosts the programme “Nova[Mix] Club” which is aired live on the Nova Radiochannel. At the controls, a MC, Raphaël Malkin welcomes the who’s who of the world’s DJs. For each programme, four artists distill their mixes. A novel ordeal awaits them: “the most offbeat interview on FM”.