Just a few days from Christmas and the sempiternal marathon when we have to smilingly deal with foie gras, capons and Yule logs several times over, some people found the time to do a little exercising for a last time. For the occasion, you had to once again take the small rickety stairway down to le Point Perché from the Palais de Tokyo entrance. There, no Christmas tree but a dancefloor streaked with black and white stripes at the far end of which stood an impressive table covered with CDs and vinyl records.

Le Point Perché has had a special meeting with IZOLYATSIA, a Cultural Programme Platform from Donetsk, Ukraine, whose activities and even very existence are threatened by the war. On 9 June 2014, the IZOLYATSIA cultural foundation was seized by mercenaries of the “People’s Republic of Donetsk” in order—or so they proclaim—to “facilitate humanitarian aid”, coming from Russia. As part of the ALERTES set up by the Palais de Tokyo to support places dedicated to art, for a day and an evening light was shed both on the conflict in eastern Ukraine and on the place of culture in times of war.