Michael  RiedelMichael  Riedel

Michael Riedel

Born in 1972 and currently lives and works in Frankfurt.

Michael Riedel is the first artist invited by The Absolut Company with his installation «Jacques comité [Giacometti]». 

Michael Riedel has advanced his own model of a self-sustaining artistic production, continuously using reproductions as a means to “reintroduce the system of art into the art system.” His practice has incorporated a wide...

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Parfait Parfait


Behind this pseudonym lurks a DJ coming from the Stereotype crew (made up of her technoid double DJ AZF and herself) and high hopes for French techno. Parfait uncompromisingly describes her music as a repetitive techno, somewhere between poetry and nighttime din.

Between the FAVST and the Showcase, by way of a DJ set on Rinse FM, and the unavoidable Concrete, Parfait is proud of...


Daniel BortzDaniel Bortz

Daniel Bortz

German-born Daniel Bortz had his first forays in Munich’s legendary clubs, such as the Optimal. Bortz, who is highly eclectic, produces, ranging from house to techno, not forgetting 90s’ hip hop, 80s’ new wave and disco. All these musical genres enable him to create his own identity, most harmoniously.

His remixes of James Blake and Kolombo, his many EPs and one LP...


Bondax Bondax


For more than two years now, the Bondax duo has been enthusiastically mixing powerful house, a kind of post-dubstep and R’n’B with a dash of UK Garage. Friends of the Londoners Disclosure and approved by BBC1 radio, their extremely fresh style can be recognized in their remixes, involving the duo AlunaGeorge, Chromeo and Rudimental.

After a world tour (USA, Europe, Australia...), last...


Aleqs NotalAleqs Notal

Aleqs Notal

Alexis Talneau, aka AleqsNotal, is a Parisian DJ and producer. His specialities: house, techno and deep house. A great record collector, this is the favourite medium of this underground music enthusiast.

In his output you can feel made-in-the-USA influences (Chicago and Detroit first among them) as well as a great fascination for percussion. A member since 2010 of the French...


A Guy Called Gerald A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald

Gerald Simpson, which is his real name, is one of the pioneers of the acid house hailing from Manchester. With a 25-year career and collaborations with the greats (FrankieKnuckles, Derrick May, Herbie Hancock), A Guy Called Gerald is still getting clubs to vibrate.

Gerald Simpson, who excels both in productions and in remixes (the best known being those of David Bowie, Tricky, and...


Dj Orgasmic Dj Orgasmic

Dj Orgasmic

Founder of the Sound Pellegrino label in 2009, with his associate Teki Latex, Cédric Caillol, better known by his stage name DJ Orgasmic, draws his inspiration from techno, hip hop and bass music to deliver astute avant-garde sets.

A former member of the Klub Des Loosers, DJ Orgasmic is well up on the current trends in electronic music, while sticking with his early sources of...




The ClekClekBoom label will be represented at Le Point Perché by the duo NSDOS live, signed on by this major French label since September 2013. So we can expect a shrewd mixture of improvisation and musical experimentation coming from these two specimens.

Techno will have pride of place with NSDOS, meaning: be ready to move your head and your feet.

More information: ...


Teki Latex Teki Latex

Teki Latex

Known worldwide for his caustic punch lines from the days of the rap group TTC, Teki Latex is one half of the duo Sound Pellegrino Thermal team (with DJ Orgasmic). A DJ, producer, rapper, singer... Teki mixes in clubs all over the world, unleashing crowds and also inviting giants from other labels.

Monday 19 January 2015 saw the release of the 4th “SND.PE” compilation bringing...


 Elise Florenty - Marcel Türkowsky  Elise Florenty - Marcel Türkowsky

Elise Florenty - Marcel Türkowsky

Integrating film, video, exhibition, publication and curation, the nomadic artist duo Elise Florenty (b.1978, Pessac, France) and Marcel Türkowsky (b. 1978, East-Berlin, Germany) have been investigating the multiplicity of the self through a spiral of metamorphoses that interrogate our power relation - always shifting - to the Other (the enemy, the animal, the spirit, the dead). Their practice...


Hans BergHans Berg

Hans Berg

Born in 1978 in Sweden, lives and works in Berlin.

Hans Berg is a swedish producer, remixer and live performer. Apart from his techno and house music he also creates the soundtracks for the swedish video artist Nathalie Djurberg. Born and raised in Sweden but based in Berlin for over a decade, a body of their works with Nathalie Djurberg are presented in the exhibition...

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Emo de MedeirosEmo de Medeiros

Emo de Medeiros

lives and works in Paris and in Cotonou (Benin).

Is work is constructed on contexturation, a conceptual and plastic process which consists in mixing textures, be they material or abstract, ranging from contemporary urbanity as a fabric of images and practices to the figure of the artist, by way of electronic music, transcendence, machined steel, buffalo horns, the ...


Jennifer  Cardini Jennifer  Cardini

Jennifer Cardini

Although she accepts praise quite unwillingly, the great ambassador of French techno Jennifer Cardini is worthy of her title. She started out as a DJ in the 90s in Nice, her hometown, mixing alongside her famous seniors from Detroit, such as Luke Slater and Jeff Mills. She then moved to Paris, where she met Sextoy, with whom she formed the Pussy Killers. Quickly showing her talent with...


Sven  LoveSven  Love

Sven Love

Sven Love was born in Paris of Danish ancestry, and is one of France’s advocates of garage, the singing variation of house, derived from soul, gospel and disco, which was one of the major trends of electronic music in the 90s. As a DJ and organizer of Cheers parties with his collaborator Greg Gauthier, Sven is one of the pioneers of the rave generation and of the French Touch, back when...


Polo & Pan Polo & Pan

Polo & Pan

Active since 2012, the duet Polo & Pan are two Parisian DJs: Polocorp and DJ Peter Pan. The pair met at the Baron, where they are both residents. Their cosmic and delicate universe shows a pronounced taste for all kinds of sonic experiments, and both are unapologetic enthusiasts of musical leaps: the former found inspiration in the Atlas Mountains for his EP Roudani 434, and the latter...

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Everydayz Everydayz


Everydayz forms the duo SunLune with Agoria, his mentor. He composed the score for C+’s series Les lascars and deejays for rapper Nemir, with whom he will open for Stromae. Everydayz is one of the leading figures of the new electronic and bass music scene in France. He regularly feeds his soundcloud page with thoughtful tracks, which quickly gained him recognition and Novaplanet’s kind...

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David SansonDavid Sanson

David Sanson

Before working as a journalist, author, and art advisor, David Sanson started out as a musician. He gave birth to his project That Summer in 1994 with the release of Drowsiness of Ancient Gardens. This album, which he co-created with Tony Wakeford (Death In June, Sol Invictus), and which featured an intervention by Rainier Lericolais, is considered as a precursor of the French wave of...

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Dominique  Blais Dominique  Blais

Dominique Blais

For several years Dominique Blais has been focusing on weaving links between the visual and acoustic components of our environment. Working on the very edge of the perceptible, he explores the tenuous connection between visible and invisible through installations which challenge the relation to place and memory. By way of subtle interplays of transposition, Dominique Blais takes our...

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Kerwin RollandKerwin Rolland

Kerwin Rolland

For twelve years Kerwin Rolland has been involved with every field of contemporary art—visual art, music, dance, theatre, film—and engineering—acoustic and psycho-acoustic research, software development, sound and post-production. Often turning up precisely where least expected, his art is situate in multi-skills, adaptation and change. This artist-cum-inventor’s attention is focused on...


Tim  ParisTim  Paris

Tim Paris

Tim Paris is the most English of French DJs. Heading the Marketing Music label, he has long lived in the underground circles of Parisian house music. Tim Paris is responsible for a major series of famous remixes and collaborations. His music is hallmarked by a very metallic electro sound, a kind of robotic orgy within the house scene.

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Tom  Trago Tom  Trago

Tom Trago

Tom Trago, a Dutch DJ and boss of the Rush Hour label, started his relationship with music at a very young age. Ever since, his link to music has been particularly intense. Tom Trago enjoys mixing three decades of music: hip-hop, jazz, Latin influences and Afrobeat sounds. His music is tinged with insatiable and irresistible house rhythms.


Riton Riton


Riton, whose real name is Henry Smithson, is the most Parisian of London’s DJs. With his comrade Dj Mehdi, he signed a minor hit, the “Gare du Nord” mix. He is being hailed as one of the UK’s most brilliant talents. His unbounded and prolific musical creativity is his trademark.

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Bambounou Bambounou


Bambounou carries in him all the mysteries of a wild world. Unknown just a year ago, with great esoteric feats this Voodoo sorcerer’s apprentice has won over the electronic jungle: from Modeselektor by way of the SP Thermal Team, he hurls his tracks like incantations and spellbinds everything in his wake.


Gilad RatmanGilad Ratman

Gilad Ratman

Born in 1975, lives and works in Tel Aviv. 

Gilad Ratman is an installation and video artist which addresses the apparently untenable aspects of human behavior by exploring the need for community and by showing forms of resistance and the borders of self. Pushing narrative to its limits and allowing for a fractured chain of events to take place, the works function as a vehicle for...

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Albert  SerraAlbert  Serra

Albert Serra

Born in Banyoles (Spain) in 1975.

In 2006, he writes, directs and produces Honor de cavalleria (Honour of the Knights), premiered at the Directors' Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival. He writes and directs El cant dels ocells (Birdsong), premiered at the Director's Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2008. Els Noms de Crist (The Names of Christ) is screened at the exhibition Esteu a punt...

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Michael RakowitzMichael Rakowitz

Michael Rakowitz

Bon in 1973, New York and based in Chicago. 

In 1998 he initiated paraSITE, an ongoing project in which the artist custom builds inflatable shelters for homeless people that attach to the exterior outtake vents of a building’s heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system. His work has appeared in venues worldwide including dOCUMENTA (13), P.S.1, MoMA, MassMOCA, Castello di Rivoli, the...

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Danton  EepromDanton  Eeprom

Danton Eeprom

Born in 1980, French musician with a rock background and in the tones electro EBM euroclash, tinged of new wave, of old school and numerous influences such as the German cabaret.


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Mathieu GrenierMathieu Grenier

Mathieu Grenier

Trained in music, theatre and contemporary dance at the Bordeaux Regional Conservatory, in 2009 he joined the ex.e.r.c.e group at the CCN in Montpellier with Mathilde Monner, Mark Tompkins, Loic Touzé and Stéphane Bouquet.

In 2010, he joined the I.D.A. MARK TOMPKINS company in BLACK’N’BLUES (Paris Villette), then OPENING NIGHT (Théâtre de la cite international) in 2012, and SHOWTIME...


Johan GrimonprezJohan Grimonprez

Johan Grimonprez

Born in 1962, lives and works in Belgium 

Johan Grimonprez's curatorial projects have been exhibited at museums worldwide, including the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich; and MoMA. His works are in the collections of Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa; and Tate Modern, London. His films include...

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Chiara FumaiChiara Fumai

Chiara Fumai

Born in Rome (1978) and lives in Milan. 

The performative practice of Italian artist Chiara Fumai belongs to the tradition of female psychics, who are ‘spoken by’ different controversial entities, which  the artist freely (mis)interprets and combines into new stories, questioning their symbolic meaning and representation in the mind of the viewer. Dealing with radical feminism, media culture,...

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Slavs and Tatars Slavs and Tatars

Slavs and Tatars

Slavs and Tatars is a faction of polemics and intimacies devoted to an area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China known as Eurasia. The collective's work spans several media, disciplines, and a broad spectrum of cultural registers (high and low) focusing on an oft-forgotten sphere of influence between Slavs, Caucasians and Central Asians. 

Slavs and Tatars has...

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Robin  McGinleyRobin  McGinley

Robin McGinley

Born in 1976, lives and works in Sweden. 

British sound artist/curator, freelance events producer and arts educator. Robin McGinley is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. He holds a PhD from the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University, UK and is co-director of Interactive Agents, the independent production company and R&D think tank.

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Malena BeerMalena Beer

Malena Beer

Born in Buenos Aires in 1973, lives and works in Paris.  

Malena Beer is a multi-facetted artist—choreographer, dancer, sociologist and Yoga teacher. She is developing an original body of work by using and questioning the forms of conditioning which structure the body and our perception of reality. What is involved for her is a maximum exploration of our permeability, making our...

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Davide BalulaDavide Balula

Davide Balula

Born in 1978, lives and works in New York and Paris.

It is as if there are several Davide Balulas: the musician; the scientist testing the elasticity of reality; the painter trying to catch imprints of the world in the threads of his canvases; the choreographer getting demonstrators to brandish monochromes and reproducing time’s course with sixty dancers walking about in circles like so many...

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Ulla von BrandenburgUlla von Brandenburg

Ulla von Brandenburg

Born in 1974 in Karlsruhe in Germany, lives and works in Paris.

Her work is hallmarked by the diverse range of media (installations, films, watercolours, wall paintings, cut-outs...) which she uses and transforms into a complex theme, in order to explore and devise her works like so many stages and fragments of an overall oeuvre. An oeuvre in which there is a mixture of...

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 Société Réaliste Société Réaliste

Société Réaliste

Société Réaliste, an art collective founded by Ferenc Grof (1972) and Jean-Baptiste Naudy (1982).

Their work consists in appropriating and distorting the tools of communication of power structures (maps, emblems, signs, architecturs). Société Réaliste create symbolic and visual confrontations to critically examine such structures without resorting to easy denunciations. They operate in subtle...

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James LewisJames Lewis

James Lewis

Born in 1986 in London, lives and works in Paris and in London. 

Royal College of Art in 2012 and of Fine Art at Kingston University in 2008. 

Solo Shows in 2013 (selection)

Still Living, Vitrine Gallery, London.

Being Alex (performance), art berlin contemporary, Berlin. Curated by Gallien Dejean, Treize (Paris) La victoire ou la mort, Galerie Crous, Paris. 

mass. en masse. mass medium, CGP,...

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Joachim MontessuisJoachim Montessuis

Joachim Montessuis

Born in 1972, Joachim Montessuis has been developing for over 20 years, an open, contextual practice around the voice, continuous sound, noise and resonance. His work also focuses on experimental conceptual processes that weave together observation and perception of reality in an approach that avoids simplistic oppositions.

Montessuis approaches his actions as code-poems, fertile...


 Trésors  Trésors


Trésors is a duet composed by Adrien Kanter (b. 1978) and Adrien Durand (b.1982).

One of their first compositions, “Visionnaires,” is a synthetic, melancholic and fragile music, on the edge of a dance feeding on dark, retro images (Michael Mann, Blade Runner and Terrence Malick first come to mind). Trésors first attracted attention with their remixes for Arnaud Rebotini, of Montreal or...

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Ryan  GanderRyan  Gander

Ryan Gander

Born in 1976 in Chester (UK), lives and works in London and Suffolk

Blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, Ryan Gander assembles seemingly disparate objects, actions and texts to develop his own narrative systems. 

Characterized by conceptual rigor, visual simplicity and allusive text, Ryan Gander's works probe the processes of emergence and the mechanisms of perception entailed by...

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Manish  AroraManish  Arora

Manish Arora

This Indian fashion designer lives in New Delhi.

First fashion show in 1997 in New Delhi. Three years later, she represented India at the Hong Kong Fashion Week and took part in the first India Fashion Week held in New Delhi, which awarded him the Best Women's Prêt Designer Prize at the 2004 Indian Fashion Awards. His debut at the London Fashion Week in September...

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