Société Réaliste

Société Réaliste, an art collective founded by Ferenc Grof (1972) and Jean-Baptiste Naudy (1982).

Their work consists in appropriating and distorting the tools of communication of power structures (maps, emblems, signs, architecturs). Société Réaliste create symbolic and visual confrontations to critically examine such structures without resorting to easy denunciations. They operate in subtle comparisons, extrapolations, and statistic interpretations, shedding light on historical evolutions and trends and producing tools for reading the contemporary world.

Société Réaliste's work has been shown in a number of exhibitions in France, at the Biennale de Lyon in 2009, at the Jeu de Paume (their solo show "Empire, State, Building") in 2011, and at the Fondation Kadist, but also in numerous exhibits abroad, at Budapest's Ludwig Museum in 2012, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Bucarest in 2011, at the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum in 2012, at the Dunaujvaros Institute of Contemporary Art in 2012, the Sheila C. Johnson Desing Center in New York in 2012, at the Leon MUSAC in 2012, at the TOP Contemporary Art Center in Shanghai in 2011, at the University of Maryland Baltimore Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture, at the Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella in 2010, and others.

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