Ulla von Brandenburg

Born in 1974 in Karlsruhe in Germany, lives and works in Paris.

Her work is hallmarked by the diverse range of media (installations, films, watercolours, wall paintings, cut-outs...) which she uses and transforms into a complex theme, in order to explore and devise her works like so many stages and fragments of an overall oeuvre. An oeuvre in which there is a mixture of periods, characters and narratives, because she draws inspiration as much from the traditions and vernacular arts of German, Italian and French folklore, as from contemporary mythologies. Playing with textures and motifs, inspired by German Romanticism, and rekindling the tradition of living pictures, the artist analyzes the present-day world by way of references to “fin de siècle” Europe, while including herself within a dazzling contemporaneity. Her world, closely bound up with the world of theatre, is expressed through a rich illustrative repertory, which blurs any notion of time and causes spectators to lose all their bearings.

She is represented by the Art concept Gallery in Paris, the Pilar Corrias Gallery in London, and Monitor in Rome. 




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