Davide Balula

Born in 1978, lives and works in New York and Paris.

It is as if there are several Davide Balulas: the musician; the scientist testing the elasticity of reality; the painter trying to catch imprints of the world in the threads of his canvases; the choreographer getting demonstrators to brandish monochromes and reproducing time’s course with sixty dancers walking about in circles like so many minutes ticking by on a clock dial; and lots of others, to boot. But there is one constant in his productions: time is always at work. If Davide Balula defines painting above all as the trace of an action, his own painting literally contains the traces of elements: water, earth and fire leave their mark on the unprimed canvas. We might almost say of his pictures that they are living, to such a degree do they seem to grasp the essential transition of this round machine in which we reside. 


2002 : DNAP, Arts décoratifs, Strasbourg

2004 : DNSEP, ENSAPC, Cergy


2014 : Exposition personnelle, galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Bruxelles, du 16 janvier au 16 mars

2013 : 1. Turn West / 2. Form a Circle with your Mouth / 3. Let the Sun Set In, galerie François Ghebaly, Los Angeles

2012 : The Buried Works, galerie Frank Elbaz, Paris

           Endless Pace (Mechanical Clock for Dancers),   performance, Garage CCC, Moscou

           Manifestation de couleurs, performance, Street Painting, Biennale de Belleville, Paris

2011 : Mechanical Clock for 60 Dancers, performance, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

He Is represented by Frank Elbaz gallery, Paris


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