Mathieu Grenier

Trained in music, theatre and contemporary dance at the Bordeaux Regional Conservatory, in 2009 he joined the ex.e.r.c.e group at the CCN in Montpellier with Mathilde Monner, Mark Tompkins, Loic Touzé and Stéphane Bouquet.

In 2010, he joined the I.D.A. MARK TOMPKINS company in BLACK’N’BLUES (Paris Villette), then OPENING NIGHT (Théâtre de la cite international) in 2012, and SHOWTIME (Théâtre Paris Villette) in 2013, for which he wrote the music.

In 2012 he created two duos, When I don’t dance I collect crystal balls, with Magdalena Chowaniec (in residency at Les Récollets) at Tanzquartier in Vienna (Austria), and Petit éloge 2 with Julie Oosthoek at le Cuvier – CDC Aquitaine.

He is author-composer-performer in The Toys group.

He is also a performer for Les Imprévisibles, and the company run by Manon Savary and Julien Princiaux.

Lastly, he has a special relation with teaching, regularly giving courses and master classes in song and dance.

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