Elise Florenty - Marcel Türkowsky

Integrating film, video, exhibition, publication and curation, the nomadic artist duo Elise Florenty (b.1978, Pessac, France) and Marcel Türkowsky (b. 1978, East-Berlin, Germany) have been investigating the multiplicity of the self through a spiral of metamorphoses that interrogate our power relation - always shifting - to the Other (the enemy, the animal, the spirit, the dead). Their practice of wandering mainly draws attention towards the manifestation of the irrational, the survival of fabulations and the mechanisms of resistance, from the Old to the New World. Based on testimonies of history, archives and conversations, the subterranean and forgotten are often placed into new contexts to rise alternative ways of reading the present and speculative futures. 

Often operating via successive disjunctions between what is said and what is seen, they interweave their respective knowledge in Theory of Cinema and Ethnology of Music to construct poetic displays that come in all kinds of sonic and visual shapes: structural, narrative and hypnotic.

Elise Florenty was born in December 1978 in Pessac (France). After studying Theory and History of Cinema at Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris, Elise Florenty graduated from the National Superior Fine Art School, Paris-Cergy, then from the masters course of the National Superior Fine Art School of Lyon and finally from the animation masters course of the National Superior Decorative Art School, Paris.

Marcel Türkowsky was born in January 1978 in East Berlin (Germany). He studied philosophy and ethnomusicology at Humboldt University, Berlin, thereafter received a Masters from the Academy of Arts (UDK), Berlin, Germany in 2008. In 2010 he started the Harpokratés Edition and founded the two-year exhibition and research salon Whistle, Minotaure! for exhibitions, lectures, and events at the intersection of fine art, music and anthropology, collaborating with Henry Flynt, C.C.Hennix, Sam Ashley Erik Bünger, etc.

Their recent solo shows include: Color Blind In Eight Crises, CAC Passage (Troyes 2014); We, The Frozen Storm, Gianny Päng LIve Festival (Bologna, 2013); A Walking Paradox, Kinderhook & Caracas (Berlin, 2012); Through Somnambular Laws, Fracidf Le Plateau (Paris, 2012); Life Ticket, Les Églises centre d’art contemporain (Chelles, 2009-2010); Wheels of Memory, La Synagogue art centre (Delme, 2009). 

Their filmwork has been presented at international filmfestivals like FID Marseille, Hors Pistes Centre Pompidou Paris, Doc Lisboa, Torino Filmfestival, European Media Art Festival EMAF Osnarbrück, Ann Arbor Filmfestival, Japan Media Arts Festival and at various art and film events/institutions: Platform Seoul; Matadero Madrid; Stäedtische Galerie Bremen; Berliner Kunstverein; Grimmusuem Berlin; Festival Sonorites; Netmage Bologna; Vdrome Online; Izolyatsia Donetsk; International Moscow Biennale; CAPC Bordeaux, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; Frac Pays de Loire, Carquefou; HDKW Berlin; Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz; Kunstverein Potsdam e.V.; La Triennale di Milano; CAC Vilnius; CCCB Barcelona; Iselp Brussels, ...

Residencies: Cac Passages, Troyes, France; Izolyatsia, Donetsk, Ukraine; Capacete, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Geumcheon, Seoul, South Korea; Worpswede Germany

Awards/Grands: European Media Art Festival EMAF AWARD 2014 Germany; Aide á la recherche du CNAP 2014, France/Japan, Villa Médicis Hors les murs 2011, North West Mississippi, USA

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