right to the point #1 / Artists’ Soapbox Series

right to the point #1 / Artists’ Soapbox Series

On 27/02/2014, from 21h00 to 00h00

An after dinner initiative by The Absolut Company for artists and researchers in residence

A soapbox refers to any crate or box that is used as a platform or stand from which to deliver speeches in public. The artists’ soapbox program will be set up at le Point Perché space in the Palais de Tokyo. Internationally renowned artists will be invited to deliver a speech or talk on the subject of utopia, irony and politics. Their interventions will be followed by a dialogue with Nicola Setari, the curator of the program. The second part of the evening will be open and earmarked for exchanges between artists, researchers and guests who are part of the Paris art scene.

The program will take place once a month between February and June 2014 and the first soapbox evening will be on 27 February at 9pm. The event will run till midnight.

9pm: lecture by Slavs and Tatars followed by discussion

10.30 pm: music with Chiara Fumai

free admission