Chardon / Electro-rock Concert

Chardon / Electro-rock Concert

On 21/05/2014, from 21h00 to 23h00

Giving voice to the post-punk legacy, with distinctive texts in French—poetic machinery and rock dazzles--, giving flight to a musical pen, romantic and acid, covering himself with an electric mantle spiked with dreaminess, rough (sometimes cruel) words, lies, secrets passed. Getting married under an electronic rain with guitar riffs like tiered cakes, synthesizers and virtual cymbals… CHARDON has decided to be a bit all of this at once; sincere words and music gaining ground for sweaty concerts and slightly quirky nights.

At its Palais de Tokyo venue, the Parisian electro-rock trio CHARDON, which started out as Goddammaddog in 2007, will give a concert combining new pieces with old compositions reworked for the occasion.

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Free admission