Kaleta/Kaleta by Emo de Medeiros

Kaleta/Kaleta by Emo de Medeiros

On 28/11/2014, from 21h00 to 23h30

Performance, video, music and masquerade: Kaleta/Kaleta, an immersive installation by Emo de Medeiros, uses masks from Benin, made in China, and electro culture in a participatory venue with ambiguous performances.

Encouraged by the artist who improvises a visual concert within a space delimited by four screens, actors, video and music all liaise.

Based on many different video sequences consisting of choreographic gestures, documentary extracts, and visual and textual motifs edited in loops, Emo de Medeiros produces plastic and acoustic reconfigurations triggering (de)framings, (de)colorizations, (de)multiplications and other space-time contexturations. These hybrid and hypnogenic effects are created in real time by the set of digital instruments.

The arrangement is designed to transir/trance the audience by giving rise to its participation: masks, among other things, are made available to the public to this end.

The tradition of the Kaleta is a unique mix of carnival and Halloween, invented in Benin by Afro-Brazilians in the 19th century. It is exclusively performed by troupes of young boys during the Christmas period; masked, they go from house to house to dance and play makeshift instruments in exchange for small gifts. This transcultural phenomenon is very like the hybridization introduced by globalization, digitization and the socio-technological gamut required by the principle of contexturation, a central notion in the work of Emo de Medeiros.

Remixes, randomizations and audio-visual counterpoints all give rise to a celebratory interpretation and experience of the Kaleta, transgressing cultural, aesthetic, geographical, historical and social boundaries.

Accessible on presentation of a ticket for admission to the exhibitions on view at the Palais de Tokyo