20/01 2014

Ulla von Brandenburg

By Marianne Derrien

5 questions from French artist Guillaume Leblon 

19/11 2013

Société Réaliste

By Marianne Derrien

Interview with Société Réaliste, an art collective founded by Ferenc Grof (1972) and Jean-Baptiste Naudy (1982).

Their work consists in appropriating and distorting the tools of communication of power structures (maps, emblems, signs, architecturs...). Société Réaliste create symbolic and visual confrontations to critically examine such structures without resorting to easy denunciations.
24/10 2013

Ryan Gander

By Marianne Derrien

Interview with Ryan Gander (born in 1976 à Chester, lives and works London) working on the boundaries between reality and fiction.The basic author/work/viewer triptych represents the point of departure of works aiming precisely at experiencing all its motive. Ryan Gander’s work usually appears like a form of enigma to be resolved, where the status of the work, its role, is actually a matter of revisiting.